Unmatched Wireless Broadband Connectivity on the Move


FiberinMotion® delivers wireless broadband for trains, vehicles and vessels on the move, with unmatched throughput of up to 500 Mbps and wide area coverage.

FiberinMotion solution includes powerful base stations that guarantee broadband connectivity to high capacity mobile units mounted in vehicles and vessels in motion. Seamless handover is also guaranteed, ensuring service continuity at high speeds.

FiberinMotion is ideal for the following applications:
  • Real-time on-board CCTV & Internet access for passengers (rail and metro, ferries, buses)
  • Video and data connectivity between off-shore oil rigs and vessels
  • Perimeter security – video transmission to and from patrol vehicles
  • Remote monitoring and control of manned and unmanned heavy machinery (mines, ports)

To learn more about FiberinMotion for rail, metro, vehicles and vessels, contact us today.


Rail & Metro Solution Highlights

  • High Capacity - 500 Mbps per base station and per train
  • Long range coverage – up to 5 km between base stations
  • Operation at speeds of up to 350 km/h (220 mph)
  • Bi-Directional radio link with configurable Uplink / Downlink asymmetric traffic
  • Guaranteed bandwidth per train
  • Seamless handover
  • Network configuration for optimal quality of service
  • Very high security level of radio data transmission
  • Compliance with rigid railways standards
  • Suite of unique transportation management and monitoring tools

Vehicles & Vessels Solution Highlights

  • High capacity - Up to 250 Mbps per base station/mobile unit
  • Long range coverage – Up to 10 Km between base stations
  • Operation at speeds of up to 300 km/h
  • Uplink / downlink asymmetric traffic
  • Low and constant latency
  • Seamless handover

Customer Benefits

  • Situational awareness with real-time video for high level of safety and security
  • Ability to offer real-time on-board services such as internet access, advertising etc.
  • Improved field communications
  • Durable, robust solutions that operate in all environments and weather conditions