RADWIN JET Point-to-MultiPoint network with Beamforming Antenna

Carrier-Class PtMP Beamforming for Enterprise & Residential

RADWIN JET PTMP Base Stations incorporate a smart beamforming antenna and advanced air interface. JET’s beamforming cancels radio interference and enables operation in heavily congested unlicensed bands and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions. Delivering the highest actual capacity for extended range and second-to-none service reliability, RADWIN JET enables service providers to boost their ARPU while simultaneously reducing infrastructure costs.
JET’s innovative smart beamforming air-interface and TDD-network synchronization conjoin to boost frequency reuse to new levels. JET addresses the need for high network throughput while drastically reducing the amount of frequency spectrum needed for deployments.

JET Base Stations are ideal for the congested 5GHz unlicensed spectrum or the 3.x GHz licensed bands dealing with limited spectrum, either in suburban / rural areas or as a replacement for WiMAX.

RADWIN JET Base Station models:

  • JET AIR  (5.x GHz) : Designed for residential networks and service providers with limited budgets.
  • JET PRO  (5.x GHz) / JET (3.5GHz): Built for mixed enterprise and residential networks, these base stations enable service providers to offer SLA for enterprise customers based on CIR (Committed Information Rate).  

Service providers can easily mix-and-match between Base Station models to deliver the best possible service with the lowest TCO.

Why do you need SLA (Service-Level Agreement)?
Service providers can easily mix-and-match between Base Station models to deliver the best possible service with the lowest TCO.

JET Series Highlights

  • Base Station with smart Uplink and Downlink beamforming antenna
  • Up to 750 Mbps per sector, 3 Gbps per cell using 2 x 80MHz
  • Guaranteed SLA or best-effort per Subscriber Unit
  • Incomparable interference immunity, similar to PtP
  • Pay-as-you-grow Subscriber Units : 25 up to 250Mbps
  • Scalable network: TDD synchronization
  • High spectrum efficiency – 18bps/Hz per cell
  • Multi-band support: 4.9 – 5.9GHz or  3.3-3.8GHz
  • Simple operation  
  • Compatible with all RADWIN 5000 Subscriber Units install bases.
  • Long range – 40 km / 25 miles

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Customer Quotes

“Nothing came close to RADWIN JET, period. From a network engineering perspective, RADWIN’s PtMP can process more than 6 times the amount of packets of competing products. JET is enabling us to expand our network to reach new subscibers in a 14km range and in tough hilly terrain and deliver up to 50 Mbps capacity. We connect customers in non-line-of-sight scenarios and provide excellent performance.”

“What we’ve come to appreciate about RADWIN JET PtMP is its reliability – you can set it and forget it! Since deploying RADWIN JET, NWIC is realizing greater ARPU due to the solid connection and high capacity service of up to 50 Mbps it can deliver to homes and business subscribers. JET enables NWIC to realize ROI in under 6 months for any new subscriber. Most importantly: customers are utterly satisfied with the service they receive.”
Scott Holmes, CEO, NWIC

“Hands down, RADWIN JET technology is superior to anything we’ve worked with in the past. With RADWIN, we're able to meet the current and future connectivity needs of the rural homes and businesses in the communities we serve.”
John E. Koller, General Manager, ATC Communications, Nebraska, US

“With RADWIN’s JET Point-to-MultiPoint solutions we’re delivering even higher quality services to our customers with unprecedented bandwidth.”
Piotr Sieluk, CEO, BENESTRA

"I am constantly amazed at the interference mitigation capabilities of the JET platform, which allows us to operate cleanly in extreme noise environments."
Don McCorkle, IS Engineer, ATC Communications, Nebraska, US

"The beamforming feature in RADWIN JET reduces installation & maintenance costs, with no initial alignment and no realignment."
Xavier Le Polozec, France



  • Optimized frequency reuse – only 2 frequency channels per network
  • Optimal network capacity in dense deployments (due to radio synchronization)
  • Scheduled Air Interface protocol ensuring QoS and SLA service
  • Simplified network planning
  • Full span of asymmetric traffic
  • Seamless network capacity upgrade of RADWIN 5000 install base

Grow your ARPU
  • Expand services to lucrative enterprise customers
  • Deliver greater capacity packages
Lower TCO
  • Single PtMP family providing multiple services
  • Save on tower costs
  • Reduce helpdesk calls & customer churn

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  • High capacity last mile connectivity for residential or enterprise in dense areas
  • Backhaul for wireless and landline access systems such as Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular base stations and DSLAMs

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SU Highlights

  • Pay as you grow - 25, 50 & 100Mbps
  • High durability (IP66 enclosure)
  • Compatible with all RADWIN base stations
  • Ultra-capacity for enterprise customers - up to 250Mbps 
  • WINTouch App -  for easy installation, management and monitoring of RADWIN Subscriber Units in the field
  • TurboGain Antenna - small form factor slide-on antenna to increase gain.

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