The Choice of Leading Carriers Worldwide

With technological innovations that push the boundaries of wireless connectivity, RADWIN is regarded by tier-1 carriers as the trusted partner for wireless broadband.

Overcoming the Broadband Demand Bottleneck with Fixed Wireless

Carriers are struggling to cost-effectively deliver high capacity broadband to suburban and rural areas due to high fiber
deployment costs and the inability of cellular networks to provide the necessary capacity in developing cities.

In this challenging reality, PtMP fixed wireless broadband has fast become the preferred choice to
compliment wired technology, meeting the overwhelming fixed broadband demand.

Powered by Bi-BeamTM

RADWIN JET is a PtMP base station series powered by RADWIN’s revolutionary bi-directional beamforming technology.

RADWIN JET is the ultimate answer for carriers seeking to deliver the best triple play experience to their subscribers,
while being confident that they are getting top-of-the-line service and infrastructure that is built to last.

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Carrier Applications

RADWIN’s comprehensive product portfolio meets the bandwidth needs of fixed wireless applications

Residential Access

Enterprise Access

Small Cell Backhaul

PtP Backhaul & Access

The Quality Choice

RADWIN allows leading carriers worldwide to provide end-users up to 250Mbps with unmatched quality, for a fiber-like experience.

Powered by Bi-BeamTM - RADWIN’s bi-directional beamforming technology combined with a unique air-interface, assures highest possible capacity and coverage with exceptional interference immunity.

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RADWIN earned it’s reputation as leading wireless broadband access provider for Tier 1 carriers, through delivery of highly reliable solutions and quality Professional Services and tools to assure a superior end-user experience.

SLA for Triple Play
& Enterprise

RADWIN products deliver strict SLA for triple play and enterprise services, assuring the best possible user experience.

Licensed/ Unlicensed

Delivering broadband wireless access over licensed (e.g. 3.5GHz) and unlicensed frequency bands, RADWIN increases network capacity by getting the most out of limited available spectrum.

Do More With
Less Infrastructure

Enhanced network capacity and greater range allows service providers to add more users, deliver more throughput and serve new markets segments with less infrastructure.

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