Digital Mining | Wireless solutions for mine site communication

Digital Mining

Wireless backhaul solutions for the mining industry

Superior-Quality Broadband Connectivity for Efficient Mining Operations

RADWIN’s broadband connectivity is drastically improving operational efficiency and productivity at mining sites.
JET, RADWIN’s game-changing beamforming technology, powers high-performance and reliable broadband wireless connectivity to meet all surface mine connectivity needs.

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Mining Applications

RADWIN's broadband wireless connectivity solutions enable a range of mission-critical digital mining applications.

Tele-Operated Machinery

Communication Trailer Backhaul

Fleet Management


Reclaimers/ Stackers

CCTV Monitoring

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PtMP Powered by Bi-Beam™
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PtP Backhaul
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Broadband Connectivity On The Move
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Wireless Broadband Connectivity
for Digital Mines

RADWIN JET is successfully deployed in some of the toughest mining environments in the world,
operating in high interference and non-line-of-sight scenarios.

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