MultiSector™ - Point-to-Multipont (PtMP) Base Station Series | RADWIN

RADWIN MultiSectorTM (PtMP)
Base Station Series

Innovative 1.5Gbps PtMP base station supporting multiple sectors for low TCO

Dual-carrier self-contained base station series,
supporting up to 4 sectors for MicroPoP and long-range network deployments.

•  Up to 360˚coverage   •  High quality for constrained budgets  •  Reduced site complexity

MultiSector Connectorized
for long range deployments

MultiSector Integrated
for MicroPoP applications

MultiSector Connectorized
and Integrated

Connectorized base station unit

Up to 2 x 750Mbps
Build-in GPS & Switch
4 x MIMO N-type connectors

SLA or Best Effort class of service
Up to 128 SUs

Integrated base station unit

Up to 2 x 750Mbps
Build-in GPS & Switch
2 x MIMO TNC connectors & Dual integrated antenna
SLA & Best Effort class of service
Up to 16 or 128 SUs

Add-on ANT unit

2 x MIMO TNC connectors


RADWIN MultiSector benefits

Reduced base station site complexity & TCO

MultiSector is a self-contained base station, saving upon PoEs, ethernet cables, GPS & site Switch

Flexible architecture

Providing seamless coverage expansion from 90˚ to 360, this series offers mix and match sector antennas according to deployment requirements and optional self-backhaul, removing the need for an additional PtP radio

High spectrum efficiency

Frequency reuse -2 enables 360˚ coverage with only 2 frequency channels combined with high modulation scheme – QAM 256

High capacity, robust performance

MultiSector delivers up to 750Mbps per sector while assuring reliable connectivity using RADWIN’s unique air interface

MultiSector series applications

Isolated or shadowed residential areas

Long range rural connectivity

Small rural village

Industrial parks on the city outskirts

Video surveillance connectivity for safe / smart cities

Remote control and automation of oil & gas fields

Start doing more with wireless

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