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Californian Police Cut Crime with Wireless Video Surveillance Network

The Alameda County Housing Authority has deployed RADWIN 5000 PtMP base stations and subscriber units to connect video surveillance camera sites across its housing project, transmitting video back to the local police station. The RADWIN-based surveillance network is helping the housing authority to cut down on crime and empowering the local police force to rapidly detect and respond to security violations.


RADWIN JET Wins Most Innovative Product Award

TESSCO panel of expert judges selects RADWIN JET PtMP solution with Smart Beamforming Antenna Technology to win the MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT AWARD at TESSCO ONE Wireless Innovation Showcase on Feb. 23-24 at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Arizona.


RADWIN Launch Ultra-Capacity JET Beamforming Base Station Delivering 750Mbps

RADWIN today announced the launch of its ultra-capacity JET Base Station with Beamforming antenna delivering 750 Mbps throughput and all-new Subscriber Units providing 250 Mbps and 100 Mbps. RADWIN’s latest solution offers highest system capacity and spectrum efficiency in the 5 GHz band and supports QAM 256 and dynamic channel bandwidth selection to guarantee optimal system performance.

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