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All-in-one power and communication solution

Smart-Node - The World's First, All-in-One Power and Communication Solution

Bridging the gap between broadband and IoT applications, Smart-Node is the worlds’ first all-in-one outdoor multi-power and communications managed solution. Smart-Node enables power and connectivity for various devices including CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, Wi-Fi access points and IoT sensors.

Product Portfolio

Smart-Node AC / DC

100-240 VAC input power
40-57 VDC input power

5 PoE GbE switch
UPS (in AC model)
Unified management

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Top Quality Power & Communication

Reduced Site Costs

Smart-Node eliminates design and assembly costs and comes with attractive price tag

Multiple Power Options

Supporting AC or DC input power and multiple output power options (15/30/60W PoE, Passive PoE, 12/24/56V)


SFP and Ethernet/PoE ports to connect different devices

Unified Management System

Power and communication management system for remote monitoring and control

Low Maintenance

High quality and durability at extreme temperatures

Simplifying CCTV Deployments, Reducing Costs

Smart-Node powers a variety of video surveillance site devices including cameras, public announcement speakers, broadband radios and infra-red projectors

Smart-Node for Video Surveillance

What Can Smart-Node Do For You?

Video Surveillance

Broadband Connectivity

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smart-City Application

Start doing more with wireless

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