TerraWINTM mmWave 60GHz Mesh
Terragraph solution for multi-gigabit services

5G speeds - 802.11ay - terragraph certified
In deployment with selected customers, full market release coming soon!

Enabling advanced multi-gigabit broadband wireless services

RADWIN TerraWIN™ is a 60GHz, self-organizing, multi-node wireless mesh solution that delivers 5G speeds to homes and businesses for a fraction of the cost of fiber.
Leveraging upon RADWIN radio technology, 2D beamforming, Facebook’s terragraph and 802.11ay standard, TerraWIN ensures resilient, ultra-high network speeds, resiliency, and service availability.
TerraWIN’s unique and modular architecture makes it the perfect choice for a wide array of deployment scenarios, assuring highest network throughput while optimizing TCO.

TerraWIN Nodes

DN – Distribution Node

Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user, up to 14.4Gbps agg. per site
Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage,
Auto alignment & self-healing
Frequency Reuse 1
Built in GPS for TDD sync
Up to 15 connections per node
OSS & WINTouch mobile app support

CN – Client Node

Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user
Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage,
Auto alignment
OSS & WINTouch mobile app support

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TerraWIN benefits

Highest throughput, double the range

Utilizing a unique Massive-Array beamforming antenna, TerraWIN increases network coverage while assuring highest service capacity rates

Fiber speeds for a fraction of the cost

Unlicensed mmWave 60GHz eliminates the need for costly fiber trenching and rights-of-way bureaucracy to guarantee much faster deployment

Redundant and reliable connectivity

Utilizing Terragraph mesh, nodes inter-connect to form a self-organizing, self-healing and self-optimizing network that is highly scalable over large geographic areas


Utilizing its modular architecture, TerraWIN supports a wide range of deployment scenarios while seamlessly enabling network capacity and coverage growth by adding DNs per site

Extremely small footprint

Nodes can easily be mounted on buildings, residential homes, utility poles and street furniture and easily aligned over a wide angle on both the horizontal and vertical planes

Operation simplicity

RADWIN’s OSS supports a fully automated installation and deployment process (WINTouch & WINDeploy). Continuous synchronization between the planning and deployment management tools ensure optimized planning according to real-time field conditions

TerraWIN Mesh

TerraWIN radios operate in the unlicensed 60GHz V-Band and employ a TDD/TDMA MAC structure which enables extremely efficient use of spectrum even in highly congested scenarios to create both a scalable distribution and access network.
Addressing the operational challenges of mmWave deployments (LoS, short range), TerraWIN mesh topology uniquely enables the network to seamlessly grow in coverage and capacity and to overcome mmWave range and LoS limitations.

TerraWIN’s synchronized distribution nodes carries the traffic from multiple fiber PoPs throughout the network to serve multiple clients with last-mile gigabit connectivity. The nodes can be deployed on street furniture, buildings and homes, mitigating the costs associated with fiber trenching and rights of way, thus lowering the service providers TCO to deliver multi-gigabit speeds.


Multi-dwelling building connectivity

Last mile access

Enterprise connectivity

Public Wi-Fi backhaul

Video surveillance and traffic control

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