RADWIN JET DUO – A dual band base station

Learn how RADWIN JET DUO, RADWIN’s first of its kind dual band base station, can help you to deliver more capacity in a wider range of deployment scenarios, to more customers.

The session will also introduce new firmware updates in this product.


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Rami Cohen
Director of Product Marketing



How Rural Electric Coops can rapidly deliver fiber-class broadband services to their community

Rural Electric Cooperatives (REC) planning to bridge the digital divide for their highly dispersed communities, face the challenge of serving them with fiber due to the high roll-out costs. Many RECs have selected RADWIN’s Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) as a complementary fiber-class solution and even a gap-filler before fiber roll-out.

The webinar introduces RADWIN’s Fixed Wireless Access solution for RECs, and discusses proven deployment cases.


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Rami Cohen
Director of Product Marketing


Moving from Safe Cities to Smart Cities

Smart cities are much more than a buzzword, it is a defined concept of using innovative technologies to efficiently manage city assets, enhance the quality of life and improve sustainability. The smart city concept incorporates a wide variety of applications ranging from city surveillance, smart lighting, waste management, smart metering and more. Therefore, smart city deployments are challenging and require careful planning, as well as a deep understanding of the various solutions and technologies.


In this webinar we will address:

  • Various connectivity requirements and the challenges smart cities face
  • The ultimate way to bridge the gap between broadband and narrowband IoT applications
  • How to effectively manage the plethora of IoT sensors and smart devices


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Yanir Cohen
Product Marketing Manager
rural telcos

Rural Telcos

How Rural Telcos Can Reduce Rollout Costs When Expanding to New Territory

Rural America is currently experiencing a mini-revolution in terms of closing the digital divide. Broadband connectivity is being deployed in once cut-off rural areas and it is often the local telephone companies which contribute significantly to this process within their traditional service areas and beyond – in greenfield locations where broadband infrastructure needs to be built from the ground up, often in a competitive environment composed of CAF carriers and other service providers.

Many rural telephone companies have already adopted RADWIN’s fixed wireless solution where fiber is unfeasible or not cost-effective. RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions and the CAF carriers’ choice.

Learn more about our carrier-grade solutions in this webinar which includes a live testimonial from one of the many telephone companies which have already deployed RADWIN equipment in their new broadband initiative. 


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Craig Muller
Regional Director of Professional Services - N. America


Transforming wireless network operations with RADWIN’s new OSS applications

RADWIN’s new OSS applications now support the entire network lifecycle, addressing everything from radio planning, network deployment, unit installations, service commissioning and network maintenance.


If you’d like to find out more about how these OSS tools can help simplify end-to-end operations, guarantee service performance and reduce TCO, this webinar is for you!


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Craig Muller
Regional Director of Professional Services, RADWIN N. America