PtMP solutions that enable extended
network reach through unmatched reliability!


RADWIN PtMP solutions address a wide range of wireless connectivity scenarios and meet the growing demand
for high-capacity connectivity, required for business, residential and vertical applications.

RADWIN’s comprehensive portfolio delivers fiber-like connectivity over several frequency bands, including
TVWS, Sub 6GHz and 60GHz mmWave. RADWIN Operational Support System (OSS) tools simplify PtMP
network operations and ensure long-term, high-quality connectivity.

JET Series

Band: 5GHz, 3.5GHz

RADWIN JET Series consists of carrier-grade base stations with superior beamforming antennas that enable industry-best radio interference immunity

and spectrum usage. JET series consists of single carrier, dual carrier, and dual-band base stations.
JET base station service levels are ideally suited for business, residential, and bandwidth-demanding applications. The series is interoperable with a powerful array of Subscriber Units, common to RADWIN’s sub 6GHz base station series.

NEO Series

Band: 5GHz

NEO Series consists of low-priced, single and dual-carrier base stations with advanced bidirectional beamforming for best-in-class radio interference

immunity and reliable connectivity. NEO is ideally suited for low TCO wireless networks that serve residential customers. NEO Series uses powerful, yet low priced Subscriber Units common to RADWIN’s sub 6GHz base station series.

white squares subscriber units

Subscriber Units

Band: 5GHz, 3.5GHz

RADWIN’s powerful 500Mbps Subscriber Units, common to RADWIN’s Sub 6Ghz base station series offer integrated antennas or as a connectorized unit.

RADWIN’s highly durable IP 67 SUs, provide a variety of service level options, suitable for residential, business and bandwidth demanding applications.

MultiSector Series

Band: 5GHz

RADWIN MultiSector Series offers compact and self-contained 1.5Gbps base stations that support up to 4 sectors in a single unit, enabling low-cost MicroPoP

or long-range PoP deployments. MultiSector is interoperable with powerful Subscriber Units common to RADWIN’s sub 6GHz base station series.

Outland Series

Band: TVWS 460MHz-698MHz

OutlandTM PtMP is a TV White Space (TVWS) solution that connects unserved Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) rural customers. Delivering reliable broadband

wireless that penetrates trees, foliage, and challenging terrains, extending the service provider network footprint beyond existing infrastructure.

TerraWIN Series

Band: 60GHz

RADWIN TerraWIN™ Series is a 60GHz, self-organizing, multi-node wireless mesh solution. Terragraph certified, TerraWIN delivers 5G speeds

to homes and businesses at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

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