Carrier-Class Wireless Broadband
for Rural Service Providers and WISP networks

Deliver an amazing HD video experience and power demanding business
applications with less infrastructure

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Quality fixed wireless internet services prompt business
growth while assuring true peace of mind

Raising the bar on quality ultimately increases customer satisfaction, creating new opportunities to drive up ARPU

Сarrier-class PtMP for WISP networks

RADWIN’s JET base stations place quality broadband within the reach of wireless ISPs. With the power of RADWIN’s revolutionary Bi-Beam™ beamforming technology, scale your network capacity to provide home consumers with a broadband experience that is free from interference in unlicensed bands. When serving both residential and enterprise customers RADWIN JET supports various capacity levels from 250Mbps to 1.5Gbps and a variety of service level agreements.

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WISP network applications

Affordable carrier-class wireless broadband solutions that meet the needs of WISPs

Residential access

Enterprise access

PtP backhaul access

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RADWIN has taken its carrier products and developed an affordable wireless broadband solution that meets the needs of WISPs and rural service providers, while maintaining the level of quality you would expect from RADWIN.

SLA for

RADWIN products handle both strict SLA for enterprise subscribers and best-effort for residential, allowing service providers to cater to a wider variety of end customers.


Quality Professional Services & tools assure peace of mind for initial network deployment and during the operational life-cycle. Swift and accurate SU deployments are assured with RADWIN WINTouch app.

Do More With
Less Infrastructure

Enhanced network capacity and greater range allows service providers to add more users, deliver more throughput and serve new markets segments with less infrastructure.

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