JET DUO 5GHz with Beamforming Antenna | RADWIN


1.5Gbps dual carrier base station with beamforming antenna

Ultra Capacity. Unmatched Reliability.
Lowest TCO.

1.5Gbps for areas that demand ultra-high capacity.

Unmatched service reliability in the harsh unlicensed spectrum using 2nd generation beamforming antennas and frequency diversity per SU.

Two carriers in a single unit, saving tower space and cost.

Dual Carrier Base Station with Independent Beamforming Antennas


Up to 2 x 750 Mbps
4.9-6.0 GHz
Ch. BW: 2 x 10MHz up to 2 x 80MHz
WAN Interfaces: Fiber (SFP) and GbE
Built-in GPS
Compatible with all RADWIN SUs

Download JET DUO 5GHz Brochure

Unmatched Spatial Noise Rejection

2nd generation beamforming antenna significantly improves service resiliency through 20dB interference rejection

Frequency Diversity

Upon interference, Subscriber Units can be switched between carriers to maintain best capacity

Dynamic Channel Bandwidth

Channel bandwidth is dynamically changed per Subscriber Unit to reject interference and maximize capacity

Increase Capacity and Save OpEx

Dual carrier base station saves upon tower space and rental costs

High Spectrum Efficiency

The JET portfolio supports frequency reuse 2, requiring only two frequencies per network deployment

JET DUO 5GHz – A Dual Carrier Base Station

What JET DUO 5GHz Can Do For You?

Residential Broadband for
Triple Play Services

Fiber-Like Access for
Enterprise SLA

Backhaul for WiFi Access Points

Start doing more with wireless

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